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These general regulations govern the relations between Misaf Management S.r.l. (hereinafter also referred to as “Organizer”), with registered office in Jesi (AN) Piazzale Ciabotti no. 8, VAT no. 02895880421, and the Exhibitors taking part in the Fair, constituting an integral and essential part of the application form (hereinafter also referred to as “application form” or “application form”).

Art. 1 – Organization, name, and purpose of the Exhibition
Misaf Management S.r.l. is the organizer of the Fair called Misaf (hereinafter referred to as the “Fair”), an international exhibition dedicated to the footwear sector that aims to promote links and industrial cooperation between Europe and Asia, by fostering international investments and trade outlets. Misaf is a registered trademark.

Art. 2 – Timetable
The 2nd edition of Misaf Fair shall take place in the structure located in Milan, Via Mecenate n° 88/A called “East End Studios – Studio 90” and shall be open to the public on 13, 14, and 15 June 2023 from 09:00 to 17:00.
The Organizer reserves the unquestionable right to change the dates, times, and venue of the Exhibition.
The Fair may be accessed by economic operators, both Italian and foreign, who have previously registered in accordance with the procedures indicated on the website www.misaf.it, personnel authorized by Misaf Management S.r.l., accredited personnel of the media and information services, as well as those with a regular invitation and/or registration.
Exhibitors may access the “East End Studios – Studio 90” structure, during the Exhibition and during the time slots set aside for the setting up and dismantling of the products placed in the stands, subject to the registration of their staff according to the procedures indicated on the website www.misaf.it.

Art. 3 – Products on display
The following products may be exhibited at the Exhibition: Footwear; Bags and Leather Goods; Technical Press; Shoe Shop Accessories. All the above shall be marked exclusively by the brand(s) indicated by the Exhibitor on the application form, under penalty of immediate removal from the stands, at the Organizer’s first request of products marked by different brands.

Art. 4 – Admitted Exhibitors
The following may be admitted as Exhibitors: EU and non-EU manufacturers, their dealers, agents or representatives, trade associations, public bodies, consortia, or other categories of entities deemed suitable by the Organizers.
All Exhibitors shall indicate the goods and brands that will be exhibited at the Exhibition by filling in the “Catalogue of exhibited goods and brands” section of the application form; the Organizer may carry out checks on the stands to verify their correspondence and, at its sole discretion, exclude from the exhibition products or samples not indicated in the application form. Exhibitors who do not comply with the conditions indicated in the application form will in any case not be admitted.

Art. 5 – Occupational health and safety protection
The Exhibitors are obliged to comply with the regulations in force, including those concerning the protection of health and safety at work, as well as labor, social security, welfare, public order, and regular presence on Italian territory for the entire duration of the Exhibition, including stand set-up and dismantling times.
The Exhibitor and its contractors, if any, shall also comply, in the activities connected with the holding of the Exhibition, with the Technical and Safety Regulations of the Exhibition Centre (which can be consulted on the website www.misaf.it in the “Exhibitors” section), the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and relative regulations (including the Ministerial Decree 22.7.2014 issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and the Ministry of Health).
The Organizer, the company granting the spaces, and the Public Bodies appointed for this purpose may check compliance with the above-mentioned regulations in force, and in the event of violation may expel the Exhibitor from the Exhibition with the expulsion from the “East End Studios – Studio 90” structure of its personnel, deactivation of the utilities supplied to the stand and closure of the stand.
The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the compliance with the regulations in force of everything produced by it or on its behalf in relation to its stand.

Art. 6 – Application procedure
The Exhibitor may participate in the Exhibition by filling in, signing and sending the application form (to be requested in advance by e-mail to registration@misaf.it) in PDF format to the Organizer by 15.04.2023, otherwise the participation contract between Misaf Management S.r.l. and the Exhibitor will not be finalized.
The Organizer reserves the right to accept applications received after the above deadline.

Art. 7 – Participation fee and charges for additional services
The participation fee for each edition of the Exhibition is published by the Organizer on the website www.misaf.it and indicated in the application form. The Organizer shall be free to grant Exhibitors any discounts and/or concessions.
The participation fee includes the following services:
– use of the stand and relative exhibition area, set up as indicated in the application form;
– electricity consumption for lighting and motive power up to 1 KW installed power (excluding special connections for the operation of exhibited machinery, etc.) per 12 sqm;
– entry in the Misaf visitor guide;
– entrance pass for exhibiting company personnel;
– technical assistance to the Exhibitor by means of 1 electrician during the exhibition period;
– general fire prevention;
– placement of fire extinguishers in the halls to the extent required by law;
– basic stand cleaning (excluding product cleaning).
Additional services can be requested by filling in the relevant section in the application form. These requests may not be accepted by the Organizer and will only be provided against payment of the specific fee determined by the Organizer.

Art. 8 – Terms of payment and traceability of financial flows
All payments indicated above shall be made in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Application Form to a bank account in the name of Misaf Management S.r.l. neither cheques nor cash will be accepted.
The full payment of the amount due within the terms indicated in the Application Form is a condition for the use of the assigned stand. Failure to make timely payment shall constitute renunciation of the stand assignment, which the Organizer may freely dispose of.
In compliance with the regulations in force on the traceability of financial flows, a dedicated current account is set up on a non-exclusive basis for payments from public bodies, which will be communicated by the Organizers upon request by interested parties.

Art. 9 – On-line catalogue
A catalogue of Misaf Exhibitors may be published on the website www.misaf.it.
Participation in the Fair implies acceptance of the service, the cost of which is included in the Fair registration fee.

Art. 10 – Confirmation of participation
The Organizer will confirm to the Exhibitor the acceptance of the Application Form by e-mail, providing information on the participation itself.
The Organizer will identify the stand location for each Exhibitor at its sole discretion, according to prevailing criteria of organizational opportunity.
The Organizers may also, at their sole discretion, vary the allocation, location, and size of the stands for organizational requirements, up to the opening of the Exhibition to the public, without any right on the part of the Exhibitor to indemnity or compensation of any kind.
The total or partial transfer, whether paid or free of charge, of the stand assigned is not permitted, and the display of products not indicated in the “Catalogue” section of the Application Form is prohibited, under penalty of stand closure and expulsion of the Exhibitor.

Art. 11 – Electronic Invoicing and VAT Exemption
Italian Exhibitors, in compliance with the provisions of Art. 1, paragraph 909, Law of 27 December 2017 on the issue of electronic invoices between private individuals, shall notify the Organizers of their certified e-mail address (PEC) or their seven-digit addressee code.
Foreign Exhibitors, in compliance with the regulations in force, to be exempt from paying VAT on the fee for participation in the Exhibition and related services shall send the Organizer, together with the application form, information on their VAT number/ID code or other suitable documentation proving their status as a business entity and not as a private individual. Failing this, the foreign Exhibitor will be considered a final consumer and, as such, will be required to pay VAT.

Art. 12 – Right of withdrawal
The Exhibitor may withdraw from participation in the Exhibition, or reduce the number of stands booked, by notifying the Organizer by e-mail to registration@misaf.it by 30 April 2023; in this case, the Organizer will retain 30% of the participation fee to cover administrative costs.
Notifications of withdrawal and/or reduction sent to the Organizer after the above deadline will not be accepted and the Organizer will be entitled to retain the entire participation fee.

Art. 13 – Provision of data for the Misaf Visitors’ Guide and Misaf online catalogue
The Organizer will publish in the Misaf Visitors’ Guide and in the online catalogue the data provided by the Exhibitor by filling in the “Data for Catalogue” section on the Application Form;

Art. 14 – Stand Signage
Each stand will be equipped with the exhibiting company’s sign, as indicated by the same in the application form

Art. 15 – Stand fittings
The Organizer shall provide the stands set up as indicated in the Application Form.

Art. 16 – Limitations of Liability
The Exhibitor shall declare the “actual value” of the goods displayed in the application form.
Misaf Management S.r.l. points out that it has taken out a Third-Party Liability policy with a limit of liability of no less than Euro 1,500,000.00 (one million five hundred thousand euro).
In the absence of insurance cover, the Organizer shall be liable for damages suffered by the Exhibitor up to a maximum of 25% of the amount of the fees actually paid by the Exhibitor for participation fees and additional services.

Art. 17 – Stand Cleaning
The Organizer shall provide a basic cleaning service daily, after the Exhibition has closed to the public, including cleaning the floors and any floor coverings (carpeting, etc.), removing any waste found on the stand or coming from cleaning, and emptying the bins. Any further waste shall be disposed of by the Exhibitor, in compliance with the regulations in force and excluding the Organizer’s responsibility.

Art. 18 – Damage to Stands
The assigned stands and the other areas of the Exhibition shall be returned in the condition in which they were taken over, subject to the Exhibitors’ liability for damages if they fail to comply with this obligation.

Art. 19 – Stand surveillance
The company granting the areas where the Exhibition will take place shall provide a general surveillance service for the halls. The custody and surveillance of each stand and its exhibits during the Fair’s opening hours to the public are the responsibility of the respective Exhibitors.

Art. 20 – Photographs, video filming and audio filming
Private individuals, visitors and Exhibitors may not take photographs, video recordings and audio recordings inside the pavilions, unless expressly authorized by the Organizers.
By taking part in the Misaf Fair, exhibitors freely authorize the Organizer to take photographs and audio-video recordings of the stands, of the products displayed and of the personnel present there, and to publish such recordings in any venue, including the Misaf Site and the social networks managed by Misaf Management S.r.l. relating to the Fair.

Art. 21 – Sound transmissions and loudspeakers
Any kind of sound transmission by Exhibitors and/or visitors is forbidden.
The Organizer may use the loudspeakers installed in the Exhibition halls for official communications or in case of emergency.

Art. 22 – Content provided by the Exhibitor
The Exhibitor declares and guarantees that the contents provided to the Organizer in the application form do not violate any third-party rights and undertakes to indemnify and hold Misaf Management S.r.l. harmless from any liability and damage it may incur towards third parties.

Art. 23 – Advertising
It is forbidden for Exhibitors to carry out promotional-advertising actions that have not been expressly authorized in advance by the Organizers and in any case after paying any taxes to the relevant Municipality. In any case, the Exhibitor shall be solely responsible towards third parties for such actions, undertaking to indemnify and hold harmless Misaf Management S.r.l. from any liability, charges, and damages towards third parties.

Art. 24 – Prohibition to remove products on display and for sale
During the course of the Exhibition, it is forbidden to leave the stand, to remove – in whole or in part – the products on display before the Exhibition closes to the public, and to sell the products on display to retailers.

Art. 25 – Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights
Exhibitors are obliged to strictly comply with the regulations protecting intellectual and industrial property rights as well as fair competition. Any claim of violation of the regulations may result, at the sole discretion of the Organizer, in the immediate closure of the stand and the expulsion of the Exhibitor from the Exhibition.
The Organizers shall not be responsible for displaying products that violate current regulations and/or third parties’ intellectual and industrial property rights or constitute acts of unfair competition.

Art. 26 – Complaints by Exhibitors
Exhibitors may submit complaints to the Organizer no later than the day the Exhibition closes.

Art. 27 – Amendments to the Regulations
The Organizers, for their own and unquestionable organizational needs, have the right to make changes to these Regulations at any time.

Art. 28 – Supplementary Provisions
The Organizer also has the right to adopt supplementary provisions to these regulations with the same binding effect.

Art. 29 – Termination for just cause and penalties
Any violation of these regulations or of the regulations in force regarding safety and meetings in public places may result, at the Organizer’s sole discretion, in the expulsion of the Exhibitor from the Exhibition with the expulsion of its staff from the “East End Studios – Studio 90” structure, deactivation of the utilities supplied to the stand and closure of the stand.
The Exhibitor authorizes the Organizers to exercise the right of retention on the exhibited goods as a guarantee for any damage caused for any reason, as well as a lien on the same items pursuant to and in accordance with art. 2764 of the Italian Civil Code.

Art. 30 – Act of God and Force Majeure
The Organizer is not responsible for unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure as indicated in the Civil Code.

Art. 31 – Jurisdiction and applicable law
Italian substantive and procedural law shall apply to these regulations and to the relationship between the Organizer and the Exhibitor. For any dispute arising from these regulations and/or the relationship between the Organizer and the Exhibitor, the Court of Ancona shall have exclusive jurisdiction. In case of discrepancies, the Italian language version of these regulations shall prevail.

Art. 32 – Privacy
Pursuant to and for the purposes of European Regulation No. 2016/679 and the applicable Italian legislation on personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03) the Organizer shall provide specific and appropriate information published on the website www.misaf.it.

Art. 33 – Rules and Prohibitions
The following is prohibited for Exhibitors and all visitors to the Exhibition:
a) smoking inside the premises of East End Studios – Studio 90;
b) bringing into the Fair premises materials and/or products that are smelly and/or dangerous and/or harmful to third parties or disturbing;
c) staying in the halls after the closing time;
d) entering the halls and stands by minors, unless accompanied;
e) introducing animals;
f) introducing or removing products from the stands unless this is done by the relevant Exhibitor and in any case within the time limits set for this purpose by the Organizer.
Misaf Management S.r.l. has the right to adopt, at its own unquestionable judgement, the infrastructural, organizational, and operational measures it deems appropriate to protect the safety of people present in any capacity in East End Studios – Studio 90.
As a result, the following may be provided for, among other things:
a) specific methods of access to and exit from East End Studios – Studio 90, as well as particular methods of circulation within the same
b) security checks on persons, luggage, and personal belongings, means of transport and means of work, when entering and leaving East End Studios – Studio 90.
The checks will be carried out by Misaf Management S.r.l. personnel or by appointed third parties.
Those who do not comply with the measures and controls arranged by the Organizer will be expelled from the Exhibition.

Art. 34 – Financial Liability
The liability of the Organizer arising from the non-performance of its services shall be limited to 25% of the participation fee and the fee for any additional services provided by the Exhibitor.


Single emergency number 112 is the telephone number for contacting emergency services in the European Union.
Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Milan: switchboard tel. +39 02 5694106; address: Via Benaco n° 4, 20139 Milan.


Take care of your personal safety, your personal belongings, keeping your passport, plane ticket, cash, etc. It is advisable not to carry valuables, limiting cash, and not to wear visible jewelry, high-value accessories, etc.
Carry a copy of the first page of your passport and visa as well as two passport photos, keeping these documents separate from the original passport (in the event of theft/loss of your passport, this material can be used to apply for a new one).

Version updated 21.02.2023.

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