Two cores of Chinese footwear production:

the best of the large-scale one with good value for money and

some ‘made in China’ excellences


Despite the current delicate situation dictated by the coronavirus, the organizers are confident of the measures implemented at national and international level

 and continue with the organization of the Fair

Partnerships with the Italian Fashion Federation and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera were presented


‘Despite the current delicate situation dictated by the coronavirus, we are confident and positive that the measures put in place at national and international level will allow the fair to run smoothly. We are continuing with the organization of MISAF 2020 and we are here today in Milan to present it and give you the main news'.

Thus, the presentation of the second edition of MISAF, to be held again at the East End Studio in Milan from 10th to 12th June which also highlighted the new partnerships with Italian companies such as Italian Fashion Federation and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

This year's edition will be attended by around 100 exhibitors from main production areas, such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong and Jiangsu. These 6 provinces together account for 70-80% of China's entire footwear production exports. ‘In Italy we will have the best in volume production, i.e. footwear with the best price-quality-design ratio and some 'made in China' excellences for quality, sustainability, technology and innovation’. Wang Ying, Secretary of the Chinese National Chamber of Commerce for Footwear Import and Export, said in a video conference.

'In addition to maintaining the European mid-range market, we also want to collaborate with European designs and brands by promoting joint development. A pair of shoes should be labelled 'global citizen' as a result of international collaboration. Through this edition of MISAF we hope to encourage and support this original kind of collaboration that would mark a real productive revolution for the benefit of all’. - concluded Wang Ying.

 At the center of the speech by Cavalier del Lavoro Mario Boselli is the centrality of Milan as an exhibition center: 'Our city is one of the best exhibition centers in Europe and the recognized fashion capital’ - said Boselli - 'and with full knowledge of the facts I can confirm that the quality of Chinese footwear products has improved over time. I've been going to China since the 1970s, several times a year, and I've been able to see it for myself'.

Prof. Francesco Pagliariccio then presented the project born from the collaboration between the School of Setting of the Academy of Brera, specialized in Cinema and TV Setting (of which he is a teacher) and the company Plum Solution (organizer of MISAF), which involves students enrolled in the first and second year of the course. A cash prize or scholarship is provided for each member of the student group which will be paid directly to the students who have created the chosen project.

It was then the Secretary General of the Italian Fashion Federation, Massimo Torti, who presented the collaboration started with MISAF: 'Fairs are a strategic tool for buyers to make relationships, product research and business development. Exhibitions such as MISAF, therefore, think about involving Italian retailers in an appropriate way, facilitating their participation and increasing their product and processing knowledge'.

Some of the companies changing the traditional Chinese footwear industry with their creativity and innovation were then presented, such as the young CLORTS brand, specialized in the production of high-level shoes for outdoor sports activities focusing on fabrics and materials that improve the functionality of footwear (breathable, waterproof and temperature-control fabrics); the German Max Bahr, acquired by the Chinese Putian Sinosun, produces a line of sports shoes rich in style and technological spirit in accordance with industry 4.0 using excellent quality, water-based and ecological materials, corrective insoles of the arch and massagers.

The Ranch Footwear, an avant-garde reality attentive to quality (in accordance with SEDEX and ISO9001 standards) and sustainability, equipped with an R&D Center, engaged in the development of new and smart raw materials, such as cooling textiles and polyurethane insoles and with numerous collaborations with international brands such as Adidas, Asics and Angel Chen.

Sheme was the first Chinese brand to make its debut at fashion weeks in Paris, London and New York, combining ancient and traditional charm with Western luxury footwear craftsmanship and international design and was also present at the last edition of MISAF, this year it will also bring its well-known brand Aiminer, with a more modern style.

Xiaomei Yin, General Manager of Plum Solution -'the Fair scheduled from 10th to 12th June, will be open from 9am to 5pm every day at Studio Novanta, East End Studio in Milan, a well-known location in Milan and managed by experts in the exhibition sector.

We are still working on the three-day program, but I can anticipate that in the morning of 10th June, there will be an inauguration and opening press conference, followed by the award ceremony for the best student group from the school of cinema and TV Setting of the Brera Academy, who created the winning project selected to realize the set-up for this second edition of MISAF, a collaboration we are very proud of, and an end-of-evening party'.

This year there will be shuttles available to visitors so they can easily reach MISAF, which will leave at set times from Milano Centrale and Milano Rogoredo railway stations and from Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa airports. Timetables and updates will also be published on the MISAF website.


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