The Chinese National Chamber of Commerce supports a project regarding the Chinese footwear industry to host a shoe fair, MISAF, in Milan in June. 

Milan Shoes and Accessories Fair -MISAF- is an intelligent project aimed at improving and promoting business links and manufacturing cooperation between Europe and Asia through international investment and commercialization.

MISAF, the International Footwear Show, taking place from 15 to 17 June, offers a unique opportunity to meet the world's largest shoe manufacturers and key footwear retailers. Moreover, such an important exhibition gives manufacturers the opportunity to present their products to suppliers without intermediaries.

At MISAF there will be every kind of men's, women's and children's shoes, accessories and other leather items that could be used in the collections of the next season. Around 100 exhibitors will attend this first edition. MISAF is promoted by the Chinese National Chamber of Commerce, which brings together top Chinese companies, and by Plum Solution S.r.l., a company that supports the exchanges between Europe and China.

The first edition of MISAF will take place at Studio Novanta, Via Mecenate 88a, Milan.

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