ʻDespite the current emergency dictated by the Coronavirus, which is spreading throughout the world, we are continuing with the organization of Misafʼ, claimed Yin Xiaomei, the General Manager of Plum Solution. During the press conference, held on the 6th February, she presented the hub of the footwear exhibition dedicated to the made in China which will be held at the East End Studios in Milan from 10th to 12th June.

Both Ms Wang Ying, the Secretary of the Chinese National Chamber of Commerce for Footwear Import and Export and Mr Oliver Chen, entrepreneur and CEO of Ranch International, attended the meeting through video conferencing.

This year’s edition will be attended by 100 exhibitors from the main production areas in the country, such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong and Jiangsu. These six provinces together account for 70-80% of China’s entire footwear production exports.

ʻIn this second edition we want to highlight the quality of the industry as well as the change within a high-tech perspective. In addition to maintaining the European mid-range market, we also want to collaborate with European designs and brands by promoting joint development and by responding to the mission of MISAF which translates into the slogan “shoes for everyone”. Therefore, we want to reach the market with a product labelled global citizen, which combines design, quality and priceʼ, commented Wang Ying.

Mario Boselli, Cavalier del Lavoro, as well as Honorary President of the Italy’s Fashion Chamber and president of the Milan-based Italy - China Institute, took part in the press conference and has stressed the importance and the central position of Milan. Besides, Massimo Torti, the Secretary General of the Italian Fashion Federation and Prof. Francesco Pagliericcio, appointed as lecturer of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera were present as representatives of the new collaborations started with MISAF 2020.


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