MISAF represent the last stop of the Belt and Road Initiative, a smart project that aims at improving and promoting connections and manufacturing cooperation between Europe and Asia, by favouring international investments and commercial markets for products that come especially from China.
MISAF, the shoe industry international show, is the last step of such initiative and will offer the unique chance to meet the greatest shoe manufacturers and the most important shoe export firms in the world.

Furthermore, such an important exhibition gives the manufacturers the possibility to display their products to the suppliers without any intermediaries; in addition, any product can be easily bought directly at the exhibition at convenient prices.

Trendy, sports, and casual shoes: at MISAF there will be any kind of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear, accessories, and other leather items that will be employed for next season’s collections. MISAF is promoted by the Chinese National Chamber of Commerce, which gathers Chinese companies of excellence, and organized by Plum Solution S.r.l., a company that supports exchanges between Europe and China, and constantly provides consultancy services to European companies that buy Chinese products.

The first edition of MISAF will take place in Milan in via Mecenate 88a at Studio Novanta, on 15-16-17 June 2019.

It will be the very first trade fair about this specific field in Milan: its purpose is introducing international producers to the shoe market in order to boost and increase the offer for the audience of the large European market. At this first edition there will be featured around 100-150 exhibitors of men’s, women’s, and children’s footwear.

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