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MISAF, the international exhibition dedicated to the footwear industry, represents the last stop of the Belt and Road Initiative, a strategic initiative aimed at improving and promoting industrial relationships and cooperation between Europe and Asia by fostering international investments and commercial opportunities. MISAF comes with a double benefit: it gives Asian manufacturers the opportunity to directly show their products to buyers and distributors without any intermediaries, and it also provides all footwear industry players, both Italian and European, with most convenient shopping opportunities at the exhibition.

At MISAF the focus is on the ongoing improvement of the footwear: the exhibition is dedicated to the footwear role as an everyday-life comfort. Shoes support us throughout the entire day and during the many activities we carry out, thus playing an increasingly important role thanks to their many functions. It's not just about “walking”, but what it really means to walk in a comfy, innovative, safe and technological way, each one with his own style. Style itself is a hot topic, even though not everyone can relate to fashion system rules. Nowadays, consumers fuel the demand for affordable and sustainable products that also meet their needs in terms of mobility, well-being and wearability satisfaction, the latter being an added value of great importance.

MISAF 2020 - Milan Shoes and Accessories Fair – the exhibition dedicated to the innovative, affordable and certified-quality footwear suitable for everyone and every kind of mobility, displays an overview on the very garment which, most of all, accompanies our movements throughout the day: a lot of menswear, womenswear and kid’s wear fashion trends, elegant, casual, sports shoes, sneakers and outdoor shoes, and the best of Asian production matching price, performance and design for the benefit of the large European distribution market.

MISAF is promoted by the Chinese National Chamber of Commerce, featuring top Chinese companies, and organized by Plum Solution Srl, a company fostering trade between Europe and China by providing constant and effective consulting services to European companies purchasing Chinese products.
Sponsored by:
Plum Solution

Plum Solution Srl

China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts

China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts